I Love Vaping!

I started vaping 9 months ago as an alternative to cigarettes. My son suggested it when a new vaping store opened up close to his home. He said he saw a lot of business coming and going from there. “The vaping business is really taking off!”And “there must be something good to it.” He suggested I check it out. I really did it to make him happy. I bought a beginners kit and was quickly my way. What I did not now was I had just made one of the biggest decisions of my life, I quit smoking.
I took to vaping right away. I loved it and I have never missed a cigarette. I was surprised I took to it so quickly. I thought it would be a struggle. I was satisfied with my first puff. I threw the cigarettes away.
I became a quick vape learner. The young lady at the store suggested I buy a brand they called “Marlboro Red” close to my brand of cigarettes and in the highest milligram for nicotine they offer if I was going to replace smoking. I had no withdraw symptoms of any kind when I switched over to vaping. I did not put on that dreaded weight some smoker do when they quit. I was hooked!16161321808_b3be50c498_11
I quickly learned if you were a serious Vaper you would need 2 batteries to maintain a constant steam of vape. I always have one on the charger to replace the other when my current one goes dead. I bought batteries with up to 8 hours of charge that means I have 16 hours of vape I never run out of a charge in a day and evening together. By the time I get up the next day my next battery is charged if I need it. I also learned to have plenty of vape liquid on hand. To run out of liquid or a charge is like running out of cigarettes. You don’t want to do that!
What I really like is the cost. The startup kit costs was just a little more than a carton of cigarettes. To maintain it I have bought 2 new batteries still not as much than a carton of cigarettes. The vape Liquid I spend in a whole month is still cheaper than a carton of cigarettes. I use to smoke a carton of cigarettes a week. It is better for your health and you no longer smell like that nasty smoke. All and all it is win, win situation!